…to help students and their families take their next step

Ignition Student Ministry exists to help students and their families take their next step in following Jesus. Check out the info, events, and resources below to see how we can help you take your next step.


Wednesdays @ 6-8pm

Bring a friend, order a smoothie,  share some laughs, and connect with God through a tight-knit community, a Gospel message, and small group time with adult leaders who care.


Sundays @ 6-8pm

Invite a friend to a night built for High Schoolers. Worship, coffee, small groups, and an after-party all surrounding a message designed to bring Biblical truth to real High School life.


6th-12 grade – 9am Service / 11am Bible Study

Sunday mornings are so crucial to the growth of believers. We at Ignition want to provide an option for students to grow at their own pace and on their own level.

9:00a – Begin with adults in sanctuary
9:25a – Dismiss kids and students
9:30a – Ignition Sunday Morning
10:20a – Meet back in the Sanctuary Lobby

11:00a – Join your family or friends in the Sanctuary

Our mission is to help families take their next step in following Jesus. We hope this serves as a great option to help accomplish that mission!

For any questions about our student ministry, contact Jack Basford at Jack.Basford@Switzerlandcc.org

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Our Ministry Strategy

  • A changed HEART
  • HANDS that serve
  • An ever-learning HEAD

You can't miss us!

Hey Mom & Dad!

Ignition is a SAFE place

Adult:Student ratio of 1:7 at all times

CPR & First Aid Certified volunteer(s) present at all times

ONLY background-checked adults allowed to serve with minors